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" The trend is your friend. If the stock is climbing up and up, and you keep shorting the stock, time to look again at what you're doing. "

Who We Are

We never say that we are leading the global/Indian markets but only some parts of India. We are based at Hyderabad with our core team serving from Mumbai. Many clients from all over India are encouraging our advisory/financial services with their feedbacks. We established ourself in 2003 at an institutional level and turned to retail markets in the recent past for extending our services to our esteemed small traders.

What We Do

We serve all kinds of services in the financial sector with highest transparency. Some of our key services are :
Advisory Services, Online Trading (Equity and Commodity), IPO's, Mutual Funds, Insurance Broking, and Investment Banking.

Our Vision & Values :

Any kind of investment with consistent 10% to 15% returns (with low risk) per month would be the greatest one ever. We firmly believe that wherever the risk involvement is high, the returns should also fly high which delivers atleast double the fruits in the prior case. To conclude, our goal all the time runs towards 30% - 40% returns for your hard earned money.