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" Trading too many stocks at once. Don't try to be a "Jack of All Trades. " and You'll be a master of none. "

Past Performance

Nifty Options - Sep (180 Points)
03-SepBuy Nifty 10900CE@210195235IntradayExited Cost to Cost0
04-SepBuy Nifty 10900PE@205190240IntradayBooked at 21813
05-SepBuy Nifty 10900CE@180165210IntradayBooked at 19212
09-SepBuy Nifty 11100PE@170155200IntradayBooked at 18515
11-SepBuy Nifty 11100PE@142128170IntradayBooked at 15210
13-SepBuy Nifty 10900CE@185170210IntradayBooked at 20015
16-SepBuy Nifty 10900CE@190175230IntradayBooked at 21020
17-SepBuy Nifty 10800CE@217202250IntradaySL Triggered-15
19-SepBuy Nifty 10700CE@145130175IntradayNot Executed0
20-SepBuy Nifty 11100PE@160145200IntradayBooked at 19030
23-SepBuy Nifty 11300CE@210195240IntradayBooked at 23020
24-SepBuy Nifty 11500CE@138123175IntradayBooked at 14810
25-SepBuy Nifty 11300CE@230215260IntradayBooked at 24515
26-SepBuy Nifty 11700PE@120105150IntradayBooked at 13212
27-SepBuy Nifty 11600CE@215200250IntradayBooked at 23015
30-SepBuy Nifty 11500CE@198183225intradayBooked at 2068